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We’re Loving: The ‘90s Hair Flip


By Erin Gignac

Dress it up or down, the hair flip is a versatile style that has the unique ability to look laid back but chic at the same time (think of channeling a French woman when you wear this hairstyle). With a convenient flip of the part, your hair effortlessly frames your face and looks oh-so-put-together.

To achieve the look (besides browsing Tiffani Thiessen’s Saved by the Bell hairstyle on Google), apply a root and texturizing spray after your shower and blow-dry while lifting the hair at the root with your fingers. You want texture, natural wave and volume to really nail this look.

The way you part your hair is the most important step to achieve this look. Part the hair on the opposite side you normally part it with—it’s the magic trick of the ‘90s hair flip. You want to mimic a cowlick. If you actually have a cowlick—even better! If you want to touch up on the roots, apply a volumizing powder to boost the hair even more. Achieve a Hollywood starlet vibe and curl the ends or leave it natural and soak up that ‘90s era songstress vibe.

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