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Restore Damaged Hair With K18’s Incredible New Technology!


K18 products rely on science-backed technology that doesn’t simply mask hair damage with conditioning treatments but instead repairs the structure and health of the hair from within for truly healthier hair.

Why K18 Works

K18 products feature the brand’s cornerstone technology, K18PeptideTM, which repairs hair from within to restore strength and elasticity, all while leaving hair looking soft and smooth. This feat of molecular engineering, clinically proven to reverse damage in just four minutes.

Because K18 products aren’t temporarily masking damage but truly healing the hair, results are lasting and won’t wash away.

K18 is available in two products, both appropriate for use with any hair type to repair damage from heat, styling, and chemical treatments:

Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist

Use Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist before chemical services to boost hair strength and resilience. This gives the client a fresh, healthy slate to start with, leaving their hair healthier and better looking after treatment.

The mist is simple to use; just section and spray on hair before treatment (6-8 sprays per section will do—saturation of the hair is not necessary). Allow hair to sit for four minutes to activate the product and dry hair as usual (do not rinse). Shampoo, towel dry, and follow with treatment.

Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mask

Use the Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mask after a color or chemical service or as a stand-alone treatment to restore damaged hair.

The mask is a leave-in conditioner but feels lightweight. Simply applied to clean, towel-dried hair and allow to sit for four minutes. Follow with regular styling.

K18 products are quickly becoming a favorite among stylists for a good reason. And of course, clients and stylists alike can feel good about K18 products because they are vegan, color-safe, and cruelty-free.

Check out some of the fantastic results on Instagram! Try our K18 salon starter set and see for yourself!

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