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Which Paramount Program is Right For You?


Did you know Paramount Beauty has created two programs for our salon professionals to take advantage of? Yup! Paramount Beauty is bringing business back to you, with the launch of these programs. Salon professionals now have the opportunity to earn extra income by simply promoting retail to clients, friends, and followers. While both programs are wonderful resources that can help you focus on service while we help with retail, the two programs have key differences.

Check out the key differences below to learn more!

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Paramount Beauty Connection

Our Paramount Beauty Connection program, aka PBC - was created for licensed professionals to help them compete with the big online stores, and aid in the promotion of retail to their clients, friends, and family. By simply signing up, you will receive marketing material that will encourage clients to shop for their salon-quality products directly through you, and of course encourage them to support local! The best part, you'll never have to worry about housing inventory!

Sharing = Shopping

Clients simply use their stylists’ 6 Digit Activation Code (Paramount Beauty Account #) to register and shop on Paramount Beauty Connection.

The Benefits of PBC

You’ll earn Connection Cash to Shop on Paramount Beauty For every purchase made on Beauty Connection in association to your Activation Code. You will earn 25% in Commission off of full MSRP retail items! This commission is what we call ‘Connection Cash’ and will show live upon check out on Paramount Beauty. Connection Cash can then be used to purchase inventory, sign up for education, the best part - it never expires!

There is very minimal effort necessary when it comes to PBC. There is no sign up necessary, simply share your 6 Digit Salon Activation Code using the marketing material provided on our PBC Drive or get fancy and create your own! Utilize the flyers and QR codes for easy client scanning, or share on your social accounts.
  • 25% Commission from full MSRP retail sales
  • Minimal effort necessary to succeed
  • No cost to you what-so-ever
  • Access to over 40+ brands without housing inventory

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Real Primpers Affiliate Program

Paramount Beauty’s latest consumer site recently went live, Real Primp is a curated site that offers access to the same high-quality products to the public. We still wanted to include our favorite people in the launch, so we created our affiliate program: Real Primpers!

Get Primp

Our affiliate program, Real Primpers, allows us to connect with our most influential friends. Your honest recommendations and reviews will earn you money each month. All while helping your followers easily shop the best products from our favorite hair and beauty brands. 

How it Works
  1. Join. After joining, share your custom affiliate link with your followers on your social profiles. You'll earn a commission from all sales made through your link. These sales will reflect in your affiliate dashboard.
  2. Create. Affiliates will receive an intro 30% off code to stock up on any primpin' goodies to get creative with. All affiliates will be required to create content, but not required to shop.
  3. Get Paid. Our Retail Primpers are eligible for a 25% commission structure. The commission will be paid out monthly via PayPal. Please note, all Real Primpers are required to submit a completed W9 Tax Form upon registration.

The Benefits of Being a Real Primper

We want to give you the opportunity to not only earn extra income, but the opportunity to grow your network! Our Real Primpers are the best at what they do, whether they are a professional looking to grow their online presence or a content creator looking to collaborate. Once you’ve been approved, you will meet our network of beauty experts on monthly meetings where we discuss the latest marketing tactics, social media updates, and growth strategies.
Learn more about our affiliate program and apply today!

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