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How to Perform the K18 Service


Once the K18 Peptide was patented and trademarked, the co-founders created a product line that integrates the bioactive agent in a variety of ways. Most importantly, the products stand alone (meaning they are not mixed into any color, lightener or chemicals), take only four minutes and are meant to be left in the hair, not rinsed away. And there are only four products—two pro-only and two retail products—because simplicity is part of the K18 ethos.

The in-salon K18 Treatment promises to protect hair and lessen damage. It improves color uniformity and longevity, and adds strength, shine and manageability, according to K18 Hair. Here’s what the service looks like:
  • Spray K18 Mist section by section onto hair prior to chemical service, then wait four minutes before proceeding with the service.
  • After processing, shampoo the hair, do not condition, and towel-dry. 
  • Apply the K18 Mask for four minutes. Don't rinse, just style as desired. 

K18 before after

The K18 Treatment can be used with any existing service you offer. It works with any color, chemical treatment or existing bond builder you already use.

“This is a post-COVID dream,” Connaghan said. “You don’t have to sit at the basin for 30 minutes.” It’s also not just for chemical services. Because all hair has damage, such as heat styling, environmental stressors, even those with “virgin” hair will see results from K18, he said. The standalone treatment, the K18 mask, is applied after shampooing and left for four minutes before styling, plus it can be retailed for at-home use.

 “It gives hairdressers so many options on every client. Even for a man who doesn’t want color, but wants improvement in texture,” Connaghan said. “Use it before perming or chemical straightening/relaxing, as a service upgrade for a haircut, as a standalone treatment—it’s safe for every client, and every client will see their hair restored to its most healthy and resilient state, he said.”

“I don’t believe in most things. I’m doubtful,” Reyman said. As owner of multiple salons and also a session stylist, Reyman tries countless products. “This expands my possibilities and gives me opportunities with different types of hair that I didn’t think were possible.”

Pricing & Profitability

With the global pandemic making salon appointments shorter and farther between for many consumers, adding K18 to your service menu could be a new, quick way to add extra profit.
 The pro-sized K18 products are 150 ml, with about 50 applications in each product. Performing the K18 Mist and K18 Mask steps cost about $2.24 per application. An upcharge of $15 per service can result in $630+ dollars in profit from one bottle of each product.

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