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Is K18 Right for Your Salon?


Who is K18?
K18 is a biotech company rewriting the rules on haircare. 

To make the impossible possible with the right technology. To build a community of forward thinkers risk-takers, and rabble-rousers. To bring fearless innovation forward and push boundaries past where we thought they could go. 

The Peptide Power Couple
K18's molecular mask has been having a moment. But like many success stories, there's a powerful force behind it. We are gathered here today to talk about the peptide power couple. The dynamic duo that, only together, has the power to take their back to 91% virgin strength + 94% virgin elasticity. And while the mask is amazing, mind-blowing even. The Pro Mist, well it's something special. 

"A healthy canvas to power your creativity"

When K18 started their journey, they knew it was a priority to yell far and wide "healthy hair is born in the salon." We don't have to tell you... but stylist? They know what they're doing. And that's why, when building our in-salon molecular repair service, it was important we built something to help pros start strong.

The Mist
The Pro Mist is an in-salon exclusive reserved for our pro community to use ahead of every service. This powerhouse is the pre-service part of the 2-step in-salon service, specifically engineered to make hair strong enough to withstand the damage that’s about to occur during any chemical service. Think of this as the stylist + client reset. Setting the hair up for success as a clean, healthy canvas and prepping it for the damage it’s about to undergo. The pH of the mist is key. Ranging from 7.5-8.0, this level shifts the cuticle layer open to penetrate the hair’s cortex, delivering the K18Peptide™ to damage sites at the molecular level. This reconnects broken keratin chains pre-service so pros can work with a healthier canvas.

This stage alone takes hair back to 71% virgin strength, meaning stylists can push their chemical services and creativity further without worrying about the integrity of the hair.

The Mask
After the damage from the service has again compromised hair, the K18 Mask is ready to do cleanup duty, repairing any damage that occurs during the service. With a pH of 5.0-6.0, this level helps to close the cuticle and seal in the peptide that’s working on the molecular level to reconnect newly broken keratin chains.

Hair happiness starts with the cleanest hair possible. With a clean base, hair color applies more vibrantly, K18 treatments perform more effectively, and styling products work better.

PEPTIDE PREP™ pH Maintenance Shampoo
A color-safe shampoo microdosed with the patented K18Peptide™ that thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp without stripping or drying to keep hair feeling strong, healthy and clean. Engineered for frequent or daily washing.

- Cleanses while smoothing the hair surface: Effective yet safe cleansers break down and remove dirt and oil.
- Designed for daily use: pH-balanced formula doesn’t disrupt the hair fiber or scalp environment and is safe to use daily if needed.
- Boosts hair health: Helps reduce protein loss and minimize swelling that can happen during washing.
- Features 17 ingredients, plus our patented peptide.
- Plant-derived surfactants create high foaming + cleansing power without being harsh or leaving buildup behind on hair or scalp.

PEPTIDE PREP™ Detox Shampoo
A color-safe clarifying shampoo with skincare-inspired ingredients and microdosed with the patented K18Peptide™ to nourish hair while removing buildup for a clean, healthy hair canvas.

- Deeply cleanses hair and scalp: A non-stripping lather works to unclog hair follicles while banishing dirt, oils, metals, and things left behind from heavy product buildup including 99% of product buildup, 95% of sebum + a 76% copper reduction after just 1 wash.
- Clears the path: Preps hair for maximum K18 Molecular Repair Leave-in Treatment results. Everything performs better on clean, clarified hair including color + chemical services, treatments, and styling products.
- Creates ideal foundation for healthy hair: This formula cleanses effectively in hard water, tackling common metals like Nickel, Cadmium, Lead, Zinc, Iron to deliver a deeper cleanse without disrupting hair or being harsh on the scalp.
- Purposeful formulation powered by active skincare-inspired ingredients (no fillers) to clean effectively without stripping it or messing with your color. Features 17 ingredients, plus our patented peptide.
- Activated Charcoal absorbs toxins, excess oils, and dirt in the hair and scalp.
- Salicylic Acid clears sebum buildup in follicles without stripping hair of essential moisture and lipids.
- K18Peptide™ works to reduce protein loss that can occur during washing to keep hair feeling soft, strong, healthy and clean.

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