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About Beauty Connection

Paramount BeautyConnection

Your newest side hustle

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What is PBC?

We know stylists and salons have a lot on their plate, especially during these uncertain times. We've brainstormed the best way we can bring you, the professional, into a bigger pond. By helping you with retail, you can continue to focus on your service. Paramount Beauty Connection will become an easy way for you to generate income by simply promoting our online retail platform and cutting you a commission on every sale (I know, amazing right?!). No additional costs of inventory management, no constant cleaning, clutter, or the labor of adding products into a system.
Easy as can be and effective as bleach!

How to Join the PBC Family

Step 1

Locate Your Paramount Beauty Account Number

You can find your six-digit account number under My Account > Profile Information
If you're new to Paramount Beauty,

Step 2

Hand Out Your Code to Clients, Friends and Family!

Hand out your activation code to your clients, friends, family or anyone you like for them to shop online at

Step 3

Earn Connection Credits

Check your email at the end of the month for a coupon code with the monthly Connection Credits you've earned from your client's purchases!

Step 4

Cash In at Paramount Beauty

Use the Connection Credits coupon code at checkout to reduce your total cost whenever you're ready on whatever you'd like! Remember the more you promote, the more savings you earn!

Promo Graphics

Need Graphics to Promote Beauty Connection?

Post on your social media accounts or send emails to your clients. Click the button below to download our in-store, email and social assets!

Are You a VIP?

Your Opportunity to Join Our VIP Program is Here!

Once you've enrolled in our VIP Program, get ready for the fun! You'll receive a PBC starter kit containing all the necessary marketing materials you'll need to earn Connection Cash. Simply display the flyers on your front desk, station, or any other high-traffic areas where they can easily be seen. Don't forget to switch them out every so-often to keep things fresh and exciting. You'll also receive goodies to give out to your clients to give them a little taste of the products we all know and love!

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