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Alfaparf Brand Story

The Italian House of Beauty

Alfaparf Milano was established in 1980, sparked by an idea from Roberto Franchina: they took their first steps in the north of Italy, then in the 90s, broadened their horizons beyond national borders, becoming the first Italian cosmetics company in the world in the professional channel. Now, Alfaparf has a presence in over 100 countries around the world. Since their early beginnings, Alfaparf Milano have taken steps to create an independent and integrated group, attentive to innovation and market trends. They continue to improve the quality of the service offered by professional operators, leaving a better world for future generations.

Our Mission

Alfaparf’s mission is to promote beauty and make a difference starting with the little things. How are they doing it? Product performance: They aim to create innovative products, services, and technologies and to constantly improve their quality. Agility: They react to the market developments, providing solutions quickly and effectively. Territory: They combine the uniqueness of the Italian offering with the requirements and ideas from all over the world. Sustainability: They implement concrete actions to reduce our environmental impact and protect people’s rights.

Our Values

Alfaparf is proud to uphold these important values. Excellence: As in the best Italian tradition, they aspire to qualitative excellence and perfection in every detail by integrating practicality and imagination. Agility and Courage: They are not afraid to take risks to find our way: we do this by eliminating unnecessary complications in order to speed up performance. Opening: They move forward in the world with their eyes, ears, and hearts wide open. Integrity and Responsibility: They embrace the values of integrity and responsibility towards employees, hairstylists, stakeholders, the territories, the environment, etc. Passion for Beauty: The industry in which they operate is unique and multifaceted: it unleashes the imagination, creates positive experiences, and helps people feel better in their everyday lives.

Our Commitment

The 2030 Agenda, with its Sustainable Development Goals, has highlighted the need for change for governments, individuals and businesses. As the main driver of economic development, companies play a leading role in this great program of action: in order to achieve these common goals by 2030, companies all over the world - including Alfaparf Milano - are required to give their own contribution through new responsible business models, investments in research, innovation and development, establishment of partnerships and collaborations with stakeholders. Alfaparf has developed a Sustainability Plan which is based on four fundamental themes: Mitigating climate change, Taking care of their Alfaparf people, Creating value through innovation, and Being transparent and responsible.

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