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Saphira Brand Story

Find the Minerals in You

Saphira, a female founder and CEO, has a mission to empower, heal and give back through beauty. Saphira is a salon professional healing hair care line infused with 26 minerals. The Saphira philosophy believes that each person has their own unique “minerals” or beautiful qualities. Just as the minerals revitalize, moisturize and heal, Saphira encourages each person to find the “minerals” from within and to make positive contributions to our families, community, and to the world.

Point of Difference

Saphira is the first salon professional brand to infuse the ultra-healing minerals from the Dead Sea into premium hair care products for the hair and scalp. 26 Minerals from the lowest spot on earth are refined and combined with mineral-rich glacial clay like nontronite, illite, and kaolin clay, to hydrate and nourish hair strands and strengthen the hair follicle. Other benefits of 26 Minerals are anti-aging qualities, softening and soothing, moisturizing, detoxifying scalp and hair impurities, exfoliating dry hair and revitalizing strands into premium healthy hair, increased blood circulation preventing hair loss, and increases hair volume to make hair bouncy and full. The results are incredible!

Giving Back

Saphira is dedicated to giving back and supporting a variety of charities whose goal is to provide both healing and empowerment to children and women at risk.

Saphira also offers a loyalty program to their customers where you can get 10% back-in-back bar support with qualifying purchases!
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Why Minerals are Important

Minerals play a crucial role in our daily bodily functioning and in our scalp and hair. A deficiency of essential minerals makes us vulnerable to premature hair loss and unnecessary breakage and damage to hair follicle development. Saphira believes health and beauty go hand in hand & work best from the inside out. Minerals, just like vitamins, are essential compounds for our body’s proper functioning. However, unlike vitamins, some of which our body produces on its own, we need to obtain minerals from external sources. Our bodies, skin, and hair need both macro-minerals and trace minerals, all of which are found in Saphira’s 26 minerals.

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