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ISO Option 3

Option 3

by ISO

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ISO's exclusive, patented, thio-free formula utilizes Isoamine, a naturally derived waving agent. Isoamine penetrates more deeply and evenly into the hair than conventional waving agents without aggressively lifting the cuticle. Since the internal structure and integrity of the hair is not disrupted, there is no need for conditioning additives that can hinder the perming process. The result is resilient curls and healthy hair
Option 3 is designed for:

Extra-firm curl on normal to resistant hair
Normal to coarse textured tinted hair in good condition (20 volume or less)
Resistant or gray hair
Long, thick hair

Experience the benefits of ISO Option 3:

Can be self-timed or variable timed
Added pre wrap
No heat required

Option 3
Hair Type Hair Condition End Result Suggested Tool Timing
Normal to thick, gray, resistant, coarse Resistant hair types; normal and color- treated (20 volume, 6% or less) with minimal porosity Increased body with full circle curl

Increased body with wave
Small to medium hard surface tool

Large, soft tool
For normal and resistant hair: no test curl is necessary. Process 20 minutes (built-in stop action)

For tinted hair in good condition: take a test curl after processing for 2 minutes and continue to take a test curl every 3-5 minutes. Maximum processing time: 20 minutes
See manufacturer's instructions for complete directions.

Helpful hints:
Clarify with ISO Pure Cleanse shampoo. DO NOT PRE-CONDITION.
Always apply ISO Equalizing pre wrap, and don't rinse out.
Wrap in pre-determined formation.
Paper towel blot thoroughly before applying the waving lotion.
After applying the waving lotion, process until appropriate curl pattern is reached, then rinse thoroughly for a minimum of 5 minutes with warmer than normal water.
Towel blot thoroughly before neutralizing.
Neutralize for a full 5 minutes.
Rinse on the rod for a minimum of 3-5 minutes; drop out rods and rinse for an additional 2 minutes with warmer than normal water.
Prescribe a customized ISO hair care regimen to keep your client's new texture healthy, shiny, and radiant.
Isoamine, Chlorophyll

How does ISOamine work?

The hair's cuticle layer is negatively charged. Thio, the compound found in many traditional perms, is also negatively charged; therefore, when using a conventional perming system, the hair shaft rejects or repels, forcibly lifting the cuticle to allow penetration of the hair. In contrast, ISO Option Waves utilizes ISOamine, a positively charged compound that is attracted to the hair, thus allowing it to penetrate gently without damaging the cuticle. By penetrating deeper and more evenly than thio, ISOamine waves yield excellent curl results with minimal damage to the cuticle.


Do ISO Option Waves have a strong odor?

ISO Pre-Wrap, included in every box of Option 1, Option 2, and Option 3, is formulated with chlorophyll, the green pigment present in all green plants and algae that makes photosynthesis possible. As a natural deodorizer, it has a unique molecular composition that allows it to penetrate the hair shaft and absorb and reduce the odor released during the waving process.


Note: Chlorophyll has a green tint to it that will rinse completely from the hair.