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Saphira Mineral DeFrizz Healing Treatment 17 Fl. Oz.

Mineral DeFrizz Healing Treatment

by Saphira

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Saphira Mineral DeFrizz Healing Treatment is composed of 26 Dead Sea Minerals, Hyaluronic Acid, Diamond Powder, Lily Flower and Essential Oils. This technology, using hyaluronic acid, removes frizz, while maintaining the structural integrity and natural texture of the hair.

A thermodynamic process occurs when the Smoothing Healing Treatment is applied. One of Saphira's key ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid is a humectant which hydrates and seals in moisture. This new technology eliminates protein bonds that create frizz in hair.
Wash hair with the Saphira Prep & Maintain Shampoo 2x.
Towel dry hair well and section the hair in quadrants.
Apply the Mineral DeFrizz Treatment with the Saphira brush 1 inch from scalp and apply to ends; section by section and comb through (not a lot of product is necessary for treatment to work; usually 1 /2 - 1 oz. for the entire treatment depending on how long or thick the hair).
Use the residual amount of product on comb to apply on the next section. Repeat the technique of brush, comb, brush, comb.
Rough dry the hair on low-medium heat without using a brush until the hair is 70% dry.
Spray the Mineral Mist liberally throughout the hair.
Blow-dry the hair on low-medium heat with any brush you choose.
Flat-iron the hair on low heat (never more than 350 degrees, section by section).
1 - 3 passes are recommended to eliminate the frizz and keep the hair texture.
Do not wash the hair before 24 hours after the process, no clips and no pony tails.
In order to maintain the Mineral DeFrizz Treatment, continue to use the Saphira Prep & Maintain Shampoo and the Mineral Mist.