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DevaCurl Brand Story

The New DevaCurl

DevaCurl was born in the salon 25 years ago. In the past, their main focus has been on providing a moisture foundation to dehydrated waves, curls, and coils. But now, both our consumers and hairstylists alike are expressing themselves and their curls in many different ways through blowouts, protective styles, color, heat styling, and more. This is why DevaCurl introduced Curl Flexibility™. DevaCurl enhanced their existing products and added brand new categories/products to help meet the needs for healthy-looking waves, curls, and coils!

Dermatologist Co-Developed

DevaCurl partnered with Board Certified research Dermatologist Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, for an expert clinical evaluation of their products. Dr. Draelos met with the Research & Product Development teams to discuss the new formulas - the ingredients, how to use them, and other relevant information about the product goals and benefits. She reviewed ingredient lists before the formulas were approved to ensure that all ingredients were scalp and curl-friendly. DevaCurl products also went through Safety-In-Use testing at Dr. Draelos' lab where she evaluated the safety and efficacy of all products during normal use conditions on 350 real people over 4-weeks. The results? 350 happy curls!

New Complexes

DevaCurl's upgraded technologies include proven complexes and blends - each of which delivers a benefit targeted to the needs of waves, curls, and coils. These included products that help re-coil curls, repair bonds, and protect hair from future damage, as well as products that are focused on the scalp to help set the foundation for healthy-looking waves, curls, and coils.


DevaCurl is committed to being kind to the environment by integrating more recycled materials into new packaging. The majority of their new bottles are made from 50% recycled ocean-bound plastic. In addition, DevaCurl has some bottles made from 50% as well as 35% recycled plastic. All tubes are made from 30% recycled post-consumer resin (PCR). All of their bottles, tubes and aluminum cans are recyclable. DevaCurl continues to explore opportunities to reduce the negative environmental impact of their packaging.

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