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Re:Connect by Paramount Beauty


We are excited to announce that Paramount Beauty Connection has a new name and improved program and website:

Re:Connect by Paramount Beauty has everything you loved about Paramount Beauty Connection, Real Primp, and Salon Interactive all in one place! No more multiple platforms and programs to sell retail. It is all here: simplified, improved, and ready for you to earn 25% commission on sales associated with your salon activation code (your six digit Paramount Beauty Account Number).

Re:think The Way You Do Retail
Tired of stocking and dusting your shelves? Does it feel awkward to push retail sales to clients? Re:Connect by Paramount Beauty is perfect for you. Cut down your time spent on retail inventory. Just direct your clients to and let us take it from there. 

Why You'll Love Re:Connect
No Inventory Investment 
Let's be honest, sometimes dealing with retail may be daunting. Maybe you don't have the room on your shelves. Maybe you don't know how long it will take for them to sell - will the bottles sit there gathering dust or expire? Maybe you are just unsure of what to even order. Re:connect takes the guesswork out of buying retail because now you don't have to. 
You and your clients can have access to the extensive Paramount Beauty warehouse. Your clients can order from home and still support your business as if they had picked out those products in person.

Sell (& Earn Commission) on Brands You Don't Carry

When we said access to our warehouse, we meant it. Even if you don't carry a specific brand, if your client adds your activation code to their account (during checkout or when they register) you will earn commission on anything they order.

Earn Commission From Clients Who Have Never Been to Your Salon
Not only can you earn commission on brands you don't carry, but you also have the potential to earn commission from clients who have never even been to your salon.
How? When you opt in to the re:connect program, your salon is featured in our Salon Locator. This is a cool new feature that allows visitors to find their nearest salon and that activation code, which is required to checkout. If you happen to be the salon they choose, you are going to earn a commission on their purchase!

Free to Join
Re:connect by Paramount Beauty is our love letter to the stylists and salons we work with. We are passionate about keeping salon's growing and we know that it was hard to keep doors open during the pandemic. This was Paramount Beauty's solution to letting stylists sell their products without having clients physically come into the salon. To become a part of this program, opt in here for free.

Re:Investing in You
Your commission is paid out in Connection Cash, a tax-free store credit at Paramount Beauty. What is awesome about Connection Cash is that you can turn the $10 from an order into $100 by using that credit to purchase service related items like color tubes, developers, etc.

This helps you directly keep reinvesting in your business growth without the hassle of filling out W-9s or other tax forms.

Paramount Beauty's marketing team is also here to support you. You can access FREE Marketing Materials Here. Print posters that explain the program, or share already created social graphics to Instagram or Facebook. If you are ever looking for something we don't have, contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to get you something made and customized as soon as possible. 

Your salon's phone number is also featured on the Salon Locator so clients can easily contact you to make an appointment. 

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