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Why Stylists are Switching to Dyson Supersonic


Some things you have to see to believe. Stylists across the country are investing in Dyson Supersonic Professional Hair Dryer as soon as they get one in their hands. Lightweight and efficient, the Dyson Supersonic professional hair dryer is specially engineered for stylists and educators. With its precision drying, customized heat control (for less damage), along with 5 different magnetic attachments for styling versatility, you will be able to help any client that walks through your salon doors achieve the hair of their dreams.

What's Your Attachment Style?

Let's discuss those five magnetic attachments for a moment because maybe it didn't sink in about how awesome these are.

The five attachments connect to the drier magnetically, allowing for 360° degree rotation. They also feature Dyson’s Heat Shield technology, which means the attachments stay cool to the touch so you can safely swap them as needed.

Being able to customize the heat settings and speed based on the client's hair type is big. Being able to dry and style every hair type – from straight and wavy, to curly and textured with a quick swap can help you bring your craft to a new level.

Harnesses the Coanda effect (that gives this attachment that nice curve shape) to attract and lift longer hairs to the front while pushing flyaways out of sight. Leaving a smooth shiny finish. Great for sleek looks or bridal styling.

Pro Styling Concentrator
Wider and thinner to create a high velocity blade of air for precision styling. Controlled airflow allows you to focus on one section at a time without disturbing the rest. Another great attachment for sleek styles.

Even diffusion helps reduce frizz and define curls and waves. Perfect for tight coils, too! Longer prongs allow you to style more hair with greater control – and reach deeper into the hair.

Wide Tooth Comb
Engineered for curly and coily hair, the wide-tooth comb attachment has robust teeth to help lengthen your clients' hair as it dries or create volume and shape. Super helpful for highly textured or dense hair.

Gentle Air
Engineered to be kinder to fine hair and sensitive scalps the gentle air attachment diffuses the air, creating a gentle cooler airflow while drying your clients hair fast. Perfect for those wash and go clients or hair extension services!

Tiny but Mighty

Engineered to last, and tested to extremes, the Dyson Supersonic is crafted with durable materials to withstand the daily use of a salon environment. Additionally, the dryer is acoustically tuned to reduce noise and features an 11ft. cord for extra reach at any angle.

Another cool feature about this dryer is that the powerful motor is in the handle so the head is smaller, allowing you to work closer with more ease – and to not tire your arms out quickly by being so top heavy.

Along with being ergonomically designed and durable, it has a washable heavy-duty filter that requires less regular cleaning. There is also a two year warranty!

Stylists asked and Dyson listened. To finish it all off, you can now set a style with a cold blast of air by holding either the Cold Shot button, or the Temperature control button.

Convinced? Get yours today!