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Salon Feature: Element on Water


You can take a virtual tour of the salon here.

Jacquie has over 20 years of salon experience, owning Element on Water for the last 5. She is an extremely passionate and detail oriented person. "I am growing into becoming an earth activist within my own home and my salon home." she says. " I'm loving learning about human design and truly spending intentional time with all relationships."

You can see Jacquie's love of nature in the aesthetic of her salon and the brands she chooses to carry. Her retail shelves are lined with Davines, Eufora, K18 and Leaf & Flower.

Davines, which is also on of Jacquie and her team's favorite color line brand, is famously a B Corp, taking great care in being a sustainable beauty brand and supporting locally sourced ingredients.

Eufora is also a believe in "global good karma" and beauty without compromise which means responsibly making the highest performing products with the best ingredients nature has to offer that do the least harm to our planet and its people.

What are your go-to products?

If I was stranded on a deserted island from most to least: Davines hair refresher, the whole Eufora AloeTherapy line and Davines dry texturizer.

What would you tell your younger self?

Don't be so hard on yourself, pause more, be present more, celebrate every single victory, write it all down.

What made you open a salon?

The Greater cause, wanting to give the knowledge that I have gained to all my peers. To create opportunities for growing stylists and curate a place for all humans to gather.

What made you pursue the beauty industry and what is your favorite part?

The ability to be in such close contact with people and having them leave a better version of themselves. I love the education and the direction that the industry is taking - being a part of the movement to create hairstyling as a respected profession along with the collaborative efforts of being a committed with all my fellow salon owners and peers.

What inspires you?

My entire environment, everyday. Smiles out of people's faces, conversations I get to have with people and watching the industry grow.

What have been your "keys to success?"

Learning to slow down and listen to my intuition. Leading with Love. Hushing the "you can't" voice.

Stop by or follow them on Instagram at @elementonwater

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