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Salon Feature: The Next Paige Salon


The salon is in a beautiful space with brick walls and large windows to let in lots of natural light. Tall mirrors reflect the beauty of the salon and Eufora products line the shelves, along with cute tiny plants. Syney Paige Schembari is a new salon owner, though she has worked in the industry for over 17 years. We asked her about her experience as a stylist.

Sydney describes herself as the type of person that wants to make everybody happy. "When it comes to communicating with the guests, it's so important that they feel special and like they belong after each visit. I tend to make a lot of jokes and have no filter. At the end of the day, I like to think I've built a relationship with my guest and look forward to our next encounter."

What made you open a salon?

I always loved working in a salon and feeling like part of a team. Since the pandemic, I felt the need to open my own space so that I can create this for myself. The moment I walked into my current space I knew. I knew that I was ready to create an environment that would be warm and inviting for not only my guests but for my staff as well. I'm so blessed to call my passion my career. I get to come to my happy place every day and share it with others.

What made you pursue the beauty industry and what is your favorite part?

Since I was young, I always loved doing hair and makeup. I remember the moment I decided cosmetology school was a way for me. I was teaching preschool and had a feeling. I texted my mother and said, "I'm going to beauty school". She said great and supported me ever since. I love this industry, especially color. The unique ability to formulate a guest's color and create an image for them, fills me with joy every time!

What inspires you?

The outdoors is one of my biggest inspirations. Basing colored trends on the changing of seasons helps the guest see an image. Also food. What I mean by this is: comparing colors to foods such as butter and honey for warm blonde highlights, coffee with cream versus skim milk for depth on a brunette. It's so fun!

What would you tell your younger self?

Don't ever be scared to be yourself. They'll either love you or hate you and that's okay.

What have been your "keys to success?"

Treat everybody the way you want to be treated. Other success can also be your success so always sure your knowledge.

Sydney's go-to products are Eufora's Straightening Balm and Details. The Straightening Balm is a must-have for styling after a cut, leaving hair soft and conditioned along with frizz-free. Details is a dry spray wax to create exceptional texture and dimension. Perfect for short hair styles.

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