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Prepare the Salon Before Reopening After COVID-19


Stylists have been through a lot over the past couple of months, and as we continue to patiently wait for more phases that allow salons to reopen, be prepared with personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety precautions to keep yourself, staff, and clients safe from COVID-19.


Salons have been closed for quite some time. As stylists begin to reschedule appointments, remember that clients’ hair could have suffered from box dyes, choppy haircuts, overgrown greys, and brassy strands. Before they have an official date and time, reach out to guests for a virtual consultation to assess their hair goals, set expectations in a new normal, and know what to assemble beforehand.

Appointments and New Policies

To minimize risks associated with COVID-19, let clients know to wait for a text that will approve them coming into the salon at their scheduled time. Employees can test the client's temperature before the appointment and ask them to sign a waiver to assure that they have not traveled over 250 miles or felt any symptoms within the last two weeks. If the salon feels more comfortable having the client wear a mask, encourage them to bring their own or provide one upon their arrival. Clients should be the only person attending their appointment regardless if the stylist is alone at the salon suite or social distancing from their colleagues. We also recommend that they bring minimal belongings, such as their payment method and phone, and leave their coat in the car.

Work Stations

In a service job where the distance between the worker and employee is nearly impossible, sanitization and proper safety measures are critical. Clean all areas and aspects of the workstation, from the chair and shampoo bowl to the tools, clips, color bowls, and brushes. Put reusable items such as capes and towels in the washing machine after each appointment and provide new ones for each client to avoid any cross-contamination.


Having 30- to 45-minute intervals between guests allows stylists to disinfect the area properly and ensures a safe working environment for both the stylist and client without feeling rushed. In addition to cleaning, this timing permits stylists to take a breather, eat some lunch, and rest. New safety measures, such as wearing a mask, may take a toll on the body since stylists are not used to it. It’s important to understand what the body can handle when getting back to a regular schedule, especially after being gone for a couple of months.

Reception and Retail Area

This area can be tricky, and although clients may wash their hands when they come into the salon, avoid letting them touch products. Ask clients what aftercare products they’d like to purchase and assure them that the stylist is the only person handling these items. When it comes to payment methods, limit transactions to debit, credit, or apps such as Venmo and PayPal if possible. Opting for touchless payment methods may also open up opportunities for encouraging loyal or long-time clients to pay for the service ahead of time.

Let these suggestions serve as a springboard for some reopening research. For more, click here for a salon safe charter provided by Brazilian Professionals and view the PPE items available at Paramount Beauty.

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