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6 Fresh, New Ways to Use Dry Shampoo


By Erin Gignac

Dry shampoo can be a little scary—it’s kind of loud and forceful out of the can—but we promise that Unite 7Seconds Refresher delivers when it comes to performance. The product absorbs all excess oils without leaving behind white, chalky residue. Plus, it pumps up your volume in a big way. While most people use dry shampoo to freshen up second-day hair, there’s a whole host of other ways to use this product.

Get the Kinks Out: If your hair isn’t behaving the way you’d like or you have kinks from having your hair in a ponytail, spray the problem area with some dry shampoo. Then, blow-dry the area to create a completely new canvas to work with! Heat activates the product and helps smooth the hair the way you want. This tip is truly a blessing for those with cowlicks or stubborn bangs.

Say No to Shine: Shine mist is a tricky product—use too much and you’re doomed. Dry shampoo can restore your hair back to normal and also add a matte look.

Instagram-Worthy Texture: Get that messy, bedhead texture everyone seems to be sporting on social media. Aim the product at freshly curled hair and split each curl in two to create more separation.

Volume in a Can: Tip head upside down. Spray product onto hair. Instant Farrah Fawcett

No-Slip Grip: Bobby pins are no match for dry shampoo. Spray where you need the pin to stay and you’re good to go.

Backcomb: If you need to build some quick volume while teasing, spray the product into your crown and backcomb to get hair higher than you’ve ever dreamed.

How to use Unite 7Seconds Refresher:
1. Shake product vigorously
2. Hold 5 to 8 inches away from the hair
3. Spray from roots to ends using a dusting movement with your hand

Erin Gignac covers stories for Paramount Beauty.You can follow her on Twitter and find more of her work here

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