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Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2016


By Kristin Sorensen

The wind blows, sending brown leaves into the air and floating toward the ground. Shadows seem to creep around every corner. Black cats frequent the streets. A figure flies across an orange moon. Did I just hear a wolf howl? That must mean it’s almost Halloween!

This year, don’t just throw on a costume. Make a statement! Apply makeup that takes your costume to the next level.

Pretty Kitty

Didn’t start planning a costume until Halloween morning? No problem! Use black eyeliner to create whiskers and a nose, put animal ears on and look like you’ve been planning this night for months!

Treat or Treat? Yum!

This is an easy way to embrace some Halloween Spirit. Take an example from candy corn and, using eyeshadow, brush the white, yellow and orange treat onto your eye. Look delicious all day and night!

Cute Scarecrow

Scarecrows are a classic Halloween costume. Use dark red gel blush to make your cheeks pop and liquid eyeliner to create stitch lines.

Out of this World...Or is it?

Dramatic eyeliner and glitter are perfect for beautiful mermaids or extra-terrestrial visitors. Gel eyeshadow will work best not only for strong colors but also long-term wear.

Tough Pirate

Arrrrrrr! Nix the scratchy eye patch prop and go for a paint-on patch! Before painting on the eye patch, apply some pink or bronze blush and red lipstick so that the rest of your face doesn’t appear pale.

Don't Be Afraid

Your childhood nightmare just became your favorite costume. Just look at that sweet clown face! Create this look with red blush, black eyeliner and face crystals.

Fairy Princess

This look will be perfect for any fairy, goddess, or princess. Find a fine-tipped paint brush and use that to apply gel eyeshadow in this fun pattern.

Give 'em Chills

Tired of cute costumes, but don’t want to wear something disgustingly gory, either? These liquid eyeliner strokes will terrify anyone...without giving them a queasy stomach.

Spider Webs

Stuck working on Halloween? Still have a blast, even in that awful uniform. Use black liquid eyeliner and gel eyeshadow and have fun!

Gypsy Glamour

One easy way to liven up a standard costume is to add fun eye-designs. Follow this pattern or create your own. Anything is allowed on Halloween!

To find the makeup that will help transform your costume, check out our cosmetics at Paramount Beauty. Happy Halloween!

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