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Get the Fall Look with Eufora



The goal of Eufora's Fall Get the Look campaign was to develop a bold color technique that celebrates the vibrant colors nature shares with the world each autumn. Taking inspiration from the seasonal transition, Artistic Design Team member, Dana Cash, shared the team’s vision for the new fiery COPPER RED saying,

“As summer fades to fall, nature treats us to one last look at glorious color. Green landscapes transition to golden fields filled with vibrant orange and red fall foliage. It drives fashion, mood and even hair color. This year we envisioned celebrating the season with dramatic face framing highlights of rich warm bright copper, blended with unexpected pops of cool rich red lowlights emerging from mahogany darkness at the base. A bold color statement that can instantly transform a bikini clad sun goddess into a self-confident siren embracing fall fashion.”

Like a warm autumn sunset, Eufora’s bespoke COPPER RED reveals dimensional color enhanced by a layered cut that showcases all the vibrancy that fiery reds and coppers have to offer.


FALL in love with EuforaColor! Experience the vibrancy of Copper, Mahogany, and Red tones. As the seasons change and nature transitions from bright summer green to vibrant fall foliage, hair color changes too. Picture a beautiful landscape at the height of fall foliage. Now transition those vibrant shades to a gorgeous radiant hair color. Explore the whole collection with our great promo here.

See the full step-by -step color technique tutorial here. For those who prefer to look and learn, there will also be a QR code that directs stylists to a technical video in the promo box. As with all Eufora's Get the Look techniques, stylists will find that this new color blend delivers a luxe, custom look only a salon professional can achieve.

Originally posted on Salon Today