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LUSH by Hotheads



Double your hourly wage - become a six figure stylist by bringing on Hotheads Hair Extensions!

Did you know that you could earn an extra $20k a year just by offering one extension service a week? Bringing on luxury hair extensions like the new Lush collection by Hotheads gives you the ability to become a six-figure stylist.

The Math:

If you average together how many color orders you take a week and multiply that number by $350 (which is the average hair order for 1 extension customer). Then multiply that number by 50, representing 50 weeks. This gives you the dollar amount you could increase your sales per year. Customers are willing to pay significantly more for high quality extensions and expert installation. Bringing hair extensions into your salon gives you the ability to double your hourly wage and increase your service revenue.

Spend less time making more money!

Based on the financial advantages of bringing in hair extensions, this also allows you to make more money in less time! Only 3-4 hours of service puts you financially ahead of a stylist who doesn’t offer hair extensions to their customers.

Get Certified Today! Check out our education class offerings for in person or virtual training.

Having another certification widens your clientele. It also opens up new opportunities with your existing customers by offering new services. This can cater to your customers needs, like customers with fine hair, offering formula free color and adding length to hair. Being certified in hair extensions can set you apart from competitors and establish continuous relationships with your customers.

Introducing LUSH

Hotheads is introducing premium european quality extensions! Nothing shines as bright as LUSH by Hotheads™, their new premium luxury blonde collection of 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair, sourced in Continental Europe.

LUSH by Hotheads™ is transparent and traceable! Ethical sourcing is important, but showing you exactly where and how hair is sourced -- is even more vital. Hotheads is proud to be the first hair-extension company to share actual traceable data. It’s the kind of transparency that builds trust. You are able to have an inside view of each stage of the production process. From the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of fully completed to ready-to-roll Hotheads extensions.

LUSH by Hotheads™ extends way beyond luxury. This premium collection of hair is packaged in recyclable packaging to help sustain the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Hotheads takes innovation to a new and exciting level. Find out for yourself.

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