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NaturalTech Tailoring


Davines’ much-awaited, salon-exclusive backbar launch that’s going to revolutionize the way salons do treatments. NaturalTech Tailoring is an herbal hair infusion for customized hair treatments.

More about NaturalTech Tailoring

This customizable professional treatment collection has high cosmetic and immediate results and can be used after color or bleaching services. To aid the customization, there is a digital consultation survey tool, to ensure the perfect formula combination per client.

The application is a fluid formula, making it easy and fast to apply, with zero processing time.
It contains 4 serum bases and 6 regenerative boosters, for a total of 24 possible combinations that can be combined with all Davines lines.


The treatment contains regenerative ingredients with high percentages of ingredients of natural origin up to 92.8% for the bases and 98.9% for the boosters. In addition, there is high biodegradability up to 95.6% for the bases and 96.9% for the boosters. All ingredients were studied in the Davines Scientific Garden, ethically harvested with Regenerative Organic Agriculture principles and extracted with low energy processes.

How to use NaturalTech Tailoring

     1. Find the perfect mix using Davines' thorough digital consultation tool.
     2. Prepare the mix with chosen Serum Base and Booster.
     3. Wash and towel dry hair and divide the lengths into sections.
     4. Apply the mix section by section, saturating the lengths and ends.
     5. Comb and rinse.

Why should you bring this treatment into your salon?

Ability to provide salon-only customization
Salon-exclusive customizable solution to all hair types that is flexible and versatile.

Increase sales profit
Expand visit frequency and loyalty thanks to tailored customer path. 1 full Naturaltech Tailoring System (4 Bases + 6 Boosters) gives you 150 treatment applications, increasing service revenue.

Good for hair and planet
From soil to salon, feel good about using a formula protecting biodiversity.

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