• Eufora - Owner's Independence

    Building a Valuable Business with an Entrepreneurial Mindset.
    Do you want to create a salon that is less dependent on you while driving up its value and giving you more options for the future? Then it’s time to implement new, systematic approaches and savvy business strategies. Learn how successful entrepreneurs build value in their businesses by creating wealth and freedom, ultimately resulting in a company that’s ready for anything!

  • Eufora - Retail Like a Pro

    Overcome Your Fear of Selling!
    Have you ever thought to yourself that you’re just not good at selling...well, anything? This is a common belief amongst stylists behind the chair, but that belief doesn’t have to be your reality! Learn how to overcome your fear of selling with a defined, proven system that takes the guesswork out selling retail so you can confidently recommend what your guests need.

  • Eufora - The Eufora Difference

    Experience a stage show with three presentations by Eufora on Day 1 of The Eufora Difference.