• Eufora - If It Ain't Broke, Break It

    Salon teams come together for a full-day, transformational experience. Who says the way it is the way it has to be?

    Once upon a time you were inspired and excited to be a part of this industry. There was a burning desire to make people feel beautiful and connect. Along the way, something happened that woke you up to a different reality. Heather Yurko and Ashley Tolliver-Williams will take you on a journey to rediscover your innate ability to build the life you always dreamed of having when you became a salon professional.

    Prove to your friends and family that you are a part of the greatest industry in the world. Break the rules that say you have limited potential because of the career you chose. Create the work life you’ve always wanted and begin to connect with the people you surround yourself with every day in a meaningful way. You can take control of your journey and live the life you always dreamed of or continue to allow what has always been to be what defines the future.

  • Eufora - It's Electric

    This trailblazing workshop will teach you the 4 highly valuable components of what it takes to experience massive breakthrough in a world that requires grit, guts
    and grind. You have a brilliance that was only given to you. Have you ever asked yourself if you’ve really tapped into it?

    It’s Electric gives you transformative knowledge that’s the antidote to mediocracy & “stuck-ness”. Join Heather Yurko, Eufora International Trainer, for an unforgettable, untapped journey that’s been waiting for you!

  • Eufora - Owners Unplugged

    Don’t miss this event guaranteed to enhance your passion for our industry. Find out for yourself why salons nationwide are choosing Eufora for leadership, business success strategies, great hair and performance professional products. What you'll learn: How to create and develop your true vision for your successful salon, how to build a loyal and talented salon team, how to completely book your salon, and how to attract the right clientele and keep them for life.

  • Eufora - PIPn All Over the World: How to Have a Happy Heart & a Fat Wallet

    PIP University presents Heather Yurko. Learn the simple yet essential principles to having a happy heart and yes, a fat wallet. This is a life class...for the hungry. When's the last time you went to a class and you could feel parts of you changing in the moment? And the stuff that was taught was relatable? And taught in a killer way? And you actually used the information? You may want to mark your calendars for this one! We deliver transformation - not just information.

  • Eufora - Salon Insight

    Today's Salon for Tomorrow's Customer with John Cutrone- North American Sales Director for Eufora International Join John as we experience a taste of the Eufora Culture as only he can present it. John will take you through their approach to the current challenges faced by salon owners and stylists in our ever-changing salon business climate.

    Your journey will begin with an in-depth industry study and continue on to an insightful presentation uncovering the current threats affecting our salon industry.

    Additionally, John will share a sneak peek into Eufora's Exceptional Salon Program with solutions to elevate your salon to its maximum potential.

    This is a one-of-a-kind "must attend" industry program.

  • Eufora - Salon Leadership & Management

    Build, broaden and refresh your skills for success! This class is designed for Salon Owners and Managers and will help you take your business to the next level.

    What you'll learn:

    • How to identify your leadership style
    • How to refine your leadership behavior to achieve specific results
    • Building unity among your team during a time of change
    • 5 reasons why people will want to follow YOU

  • Eufora - The Exceptional Salon Coordinator

    A haircut is to a stylist, as a coordinator is to a salon... you can’t have one without the other. And just like your Stylist needs on-going education, so does your Salon Coordinator. What you will learn: -The importance of the Coordinator’s role to the salon’s bottom line! -Proven methods to ‘train’ clients to be loyal customers! -Ways to handle dissatisfied clients -How to develop effective phone answering scripts that turn inquiries into appointments -Effective booking techniques that will maximize your salon’s productivity -The Coordinator’s role in building a professional team in the salon...and much more!!!

  • Social Media Workshop with Davines Russ Coty

    This social media course tailored specifically for salons will provide in-depth information on developing their unique brand aesthetic on social and cover specific best practices for producing content (product, hair and sustainability), as well as how Davines chooses which posts to repost.

    Attendees will also receive a general advanced training on using social media to maximize the salon's reach and engagement, including basic social media advertising best practices. They'll get a birds-eye view of how and why their entire digital media "presence" can work to produce compounded results. This will encompass website tips, tracking mechanisms, analytic dissection and Google.