• 1922 by J.M. Keune Event

    From the dream of a man in Amsterdam to the hands of men all around the world. 1922 By J.M. Keune was born from ambition, grown by his sons, elevated by science, and made great by Dutch Craftsmen. From our World Class Wax to our Moisturizing Beard Balm, your male clientele is going to fall in love with what makes 1922 different. Learn some of the most sought-after Men’s styles as you freshen up your barbering skills and verbiage.

    Includes lunch and beer tasting.

  • Deva - Curly Cutting Workshop

    Earn your credentials as a Deva trained stylist! This one-day course will guide you through the fundamentals of two key DevaCurl signature services: The Waterfall Cut and the No PooTM Curl Transformation. Additionally, a full overview of the DevaCurl product portfolio will give you the confidence to immediately start curl conversations with new and existing clients.


  • Eufora - Advanced Cutting Workshop

    Up your game when creating innovative and trend cuts. Learn advanced skills for managing weight lines in designing the right cut for every client. Learn how to use creative cutting tools to create texture, develop weight lines and condense weight. *Hands-on Workshop Ticket price includes mannequin head, working product to use during class, and instructional material.

  • Eufora - Advanced Women's Cutting

    In this innovative class, Steve De Caro combines artistic inspiration with advanced cutting techniques that will expand and enhance your cutting game! You’ll learn 2 – 3 new haircuts plus a variety of techniques for everyday use behind the chair, including:

    • Designing the right cut for every client by mapping out a haircut for desired results
    • Managing weight lines for the perfect head shape
    • Using creative cutting tools to achieve thoughtful texture with a purpose
    • Maintaining the correct shape
    • Hand and body positioning

  • Eufora - Creative Cutting/ Master Finishing

    Eufora education extends far beyond basic product knowledge, tips and techniques. It features a robust curriculum focusing on professional advancement and what is most important to you... success! The diversity and sheer number of Eufora training programs, whether offered at The Academy, on location or in-salon, ensures that our partners have constant access to a well-rounded portfolio of high caliber technical, creative and business introduction. The Eufora reputation for exceptional education is unparalleled. 

  • Eufora - Curly Hair Texture Cutting

    Everything you wanted to know about cutting, styling, and designing curly hair. Explore foolproof techniques for creating texture and waves! We all love the look of curly, wavy and textured hair, but don’t always know what to do with it when we encounter it behind the chair. Learn best practices for cutting styling and grooming those wonderful waves, without the fear of frizz or frazzled hair in the finished look. Maybe your guest has some wave but wants a more pronounced curl or more symmetry in the curl? A simple solution will be at your fingertips when you learn the tips and tricks associated with Flash Wave, the Eufora exclusive technique for refining and designing luxurious curly locks without sacrificing hair integrity. This class incorporates the use of shears, razors and brushes to create, design and refine the not-so-curly to completely textured guest.

  • Eufora - Cut and Color

    Confident, beautiful and bold personalities shine through strong haircuts with geometric shapes. Illusionary color placements reveal themselves in movement. This Eufora Collection evokes a fierce, fresh, fashion forward femininity we call reBelle Femme. You will learn:

    • Two new wearable precision haircuts that can be used immediately behind the chair
    • Two new color techniques to add dimension and depth to any cut
    • Convertible finishing techniques

  • Eufora - Men's Barbering and Grooming

    The male clientele continues to grow in hair salons. Why? Men today want to look meticulously groomed but also want a hip and “now” image. Great men’s hair requires its own unique approach. Stylists who incorporate classic barbering skills with their own technical experience can own a bigger part of this growing market. Eufora Men’s Team Member, will teach contemporary male looks utilizing time tested barbering and styling techniques on both short and longer men’s trend hair.

  • Eufora - Women's Cutting

    Current trends are perfect for shoulder length and longer haircuts. Attendees will learn a precision and contemporary cut with the versatility and wear-ability to appeal to a wide age range of clientele. This class incorporates techniques that give stylists a proficient system to reduce cutting time while delivering master results.

  • Eufora: 2 Day Texture Cutting Workshop

    Join Jeffrey Mayo as he takes you on an artistic journey through the world of cutting textured hair! This exclusive class will knock-out any fears or uncertainties you have when it comes to curly and textured haircutting. You’ll learn a number of new haircuts for your guests with textured hair and will leave with confidence in these cutting-edge skills:

    • The visual theory behind cutting textured hair
    • How to treat the fabric of curly hair vs. wavy or kinky hair
    • Cutting systems and techniques to encourage volume, movement and shape
    • Styling techniques specific to curly or textured hair
    • Eufora product cocktails that revive and restore the form and vibrancy every guest with textured hair seeks!

  • Eufora: Men's Cutting Workshop

    May 6-7: Join renowned Master Barber, Steve DeCaro, for an innovative barbering class that will help you attract and retain male clientele! Learn Advanced Barbering skills and new techniques that will allow you to create versatile men’s cuts that can be used behind the chair, everyday. You will learn 2 – 3 new cuts and leave with a strong understanding of:

    • Precision scissor cutting
    • Scissor over comb
    • Clipper cutting
    • Clipper over comb
    • Proper use of the razor for cutting, texturizing and shaping
    • Detail finishing
    May 20-21: 
    Join Eufora National Trainer, Tamra Segert, for an innovative barbering class! Learn Advanced Barbering skills and new techniques that will allow you to create versatile men’s cuts that can be used behind the chair, every day! You’ll also be taught the key business building skills you need to attract and retain male clientele. You will learn 2 – 3 new cuts and leave with a strong understanding of:
    • Precision scissor cutting
    • Scissor over comb
    • Clipper cutting
    • Clipper over comb
    • Proper use of the razor for cutting, texturizing and shaping
    • Detail finishing

  • Moroccanoil: Signature Cutting

    The Academy Collection one-day course focuses on the use of three unconventional haircutting techniques. Line and layering are interpreted and perfected through consultation and craftsmanship. Each technique is designed to respect the client’s lifestyle, career and proportions and will enhance their unique beauty.

  • Moroccanoil: Signature Cutting - Men's Collection

    Signature Cutting - Men's Collection addresses the critical skills needed to create the modern haircuts and styles needed to suit the personalities, lifestyles and careers of a wide range of men. Technique and artistry are combined to deliver classic and progressive looks suitable for the suburbs and city.

  • Moroccanoil: Signature Cutting Summer Collection

    Moroccanoil Signature Cutting Collection introduces Moroccanoil cutting terminology and methodology through hands-on cutting and styling. Learn two womens haircuts that can be effortless adapted to be used behind the chair with ease. Textured Bob and Disconnected Pixie Also be inspired with a Moroccanoil Business Bite, an abbreviated version of our Beautiful Business Top Ten series.

  • Schwarzkopf: Essential Looks

    Essential Looks takes its inspiration directly from the International Fashion Catwalks of New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Experience the best in trend driven cutting, coloring, and styling techniques, while discovering the insights of the fashion inspiration behind each trend. Experience includes: Hands-on Haircut and Color Technique Presentation of an entire portfolio of trend variations to create client looks that will increase your revenue! Receive the Essential Looks Trend Collection Consultation book, step-by-steps, and trend report!