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44 EuforaColor LOW Ammonia Pre-Selected Shades 3.4 oz. (Includes: 4N, 4IN, 4NW, 4A, 5N, 5NA, 5G, 5C, 5R, 5RR, 6N, 6IN, 6NW, 6A, 7N, 7NA, 7G, 7C, 7CC, 7R, 8N, 8IN, 8NW, 8A, 9N, 9NA, 9G, 9GV, 10N, 10AV, 12N, 12AA, 12AV, Violet Intensifier, Red Intensifier, Copper Intensifier, Yellow Creative Pigment, Blue Creative Pigment, Purple Creative Pigment, Green Creative Pigment, Clear Booster Lift, Lilac Toner)

51 EuforaColor NO Ammonia Pre-Selected Shades 3.4 oz. (Includes: 1N, BB, 2N, 3N, 3NW, 3G, 3VV, 4N, 4NA, 4AA, 4G, 4C, 4CCV, 4M, 4R, 4RV, 4AG, 5N, 5NW, 5VV, 5GM, 6N, 6NA, 6AA, 6G, 6GV, 6C, 6CV, 6M, 6R, 6AG, 7N, 7NW, 7CC, 7RR, 8N, 8NA, 8AA, 8G, 8GV, 8C, 8CV, 8R, 9N, 9NW, 10N, 10A, 10AV, 10G, 10GV, Clear Shine Dilute)

1 Each EuforaColor Additives:
Color Elixir System Duo 16.9 oz.
Color Prep Spray 12.25 oz.
Color Control 2 oz.

1 Each EuforaColor Artisan Direct Dye 3.4 oz.:
Sun Flower Yellow
Citrus Orange
Sterling Silver
Purple Iris
Sky Blue
Red Rose
Pink Peony
Teal Waters
Aloe Green
Cloud White
Crystal Clear

Receive FREE:
1 AloeLite Blue Bleaching Pods 50 pk.
1 AloeLite Cream Lightener 8.82 oz.
1 Developer Vol 7 - 2.1% Liter
2 Developer Vol 10 - 3% Liter
1 Developer Vol 15 - 4.5% Liter
2 Developer Vol 20 - 6% Liter
1 Developer Vol 30 - 9% Liter
1 Developer Vol 40 - 12% Liter
2 Clean Skin Wipes
100 Individual Wipes
2 Stylist Apron
2 Color Capelet
2 Color Scale
3 Color Key
3 Tint Bowl - Grey
3 Tint Brush - Grey
3 Silicone Tint Brush - Pink
3 Silicone Tint Brush - Green Angled
1 Swatch Book
1 Artisan Swatch Ring
1 Salon Technical Guide
1 In-Salon Formulation Class

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