Strike4 Processing Sheets

by Framesi

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  • Size: 100 ct.
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Strike4 Processing Sheets
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  • Flat Iron Processing Sheets to process framesi FRAMCOLOR BOLD direct pigments or framesi oxidative pigments in 20 SECONDS!
  • Reduce processing time to 20 seconds and protect the hair

  1. Place desired section in Strike4 processing sheet
  2. Apply desired color (FRAMCOLOR BOLD shade)
  3. Fold and clip Strike4 processing sheet
  4. Flat iron at 340°F – 375°F, tap and slide with a light touch
Do stylists and colorists want performance and speed?
Time is money. Now deposit high performing color faster. Traditional processing methods for dimensional color or lift-and-deposit color services take 20-80 minutes of processing time. When framesi STRIKE4 is paired with framesi FRAMCOLOR BOLD direct pigments or framesi oxidative pigments (including framesi FRAMCOLOR 2001 LIGHT&SHINE), processing time for those same color services is reduced to 20 that’s speed!! Color processed with STRIKE4 results in performance and longevity that is the same as or better than color processed with traditional methods. Note: framesi does not recommend STRIKE4 for use with retouch color services close to the scalp or any type of bleach service.

Do salon color guests want to spend less time in the chair waiting for their color service to process? Traditional processing time of 20-80 minutes is reduced to 20 seconds... with framesi STRIKE4, the wait time is eliminated.

What is framesi STRIKE4? Framesi STRIKE4 are flat iron processing sheets that protect the hair and heat evenly for uniform coverage, yielding incredible results in only 20 seconds!

What are the 4 steps to use framesi STRIKE4? Step 1 – place desired section of hair in STRIKE4. Step 2 – apply desired color (i.e. FRAMCOLOR BOLD shade). Step 3 – fold & clip STRIKE 4. Step 4 – flat iron at 340°F – 375°F, tap and slide with a light touch.

How long does a color applied with framesi STRIKE4 last? The performance and longevity are as good as or better than hair color processed in a traditional way. As with traditional processing, particularly damaged hair may cause the color to lose luminosity sooner than expected.

Does framesi STRIKE4 work on both weaving and slicing the hair similar to regular foils or is one technique preferred over the other? Framesi STRIKE4 will work for all processes, similar to regular foils.

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