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Aloxxi ANDIAMO Introductory Kit 17 pc.

ANDIAMO Introductory Kit

by Aloxxi

  • SKU: 642080
  • Size: 17 pc.
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Aloxxi ANDIAMO Introductory Kit includes various color, developer, creme, treatment, and swatch chart.

Purchase 1 Each:
ANDIAMO 2N- Haute Cioccolato 2 oz.
ANDIAMO 4N- Nero To My Heart 2 oz.
ANDIAMO 5GM- Brilliant Bergamo 2 oz.
ANDIAMO 5XR- Vampy Valentino 2 oz.
ANDIAMO 6N- Toscana's Treat 2 oz.
ANDIAMO 7A- Raphael's Angel 2 oz.
ANDIAMO 7NT- Fortuna at the Forum 2 oz.
ANDIAMO 8N- Splash Of Moda 2 oz.
ANDIAMO 9A- Steeling Beauty 2 oz.
ANDIAMO 9N- La Dolce Diva 2 oz.
ANDIAMO 11A- Lost In Lucca 2 oz.
ANDIAMO 11N- Tuscan Sunlight 2 oz.

Receive 1 Each FREE:
H2O2 10 Vol. Creme Developer Liter
H2O2 20 Vol. Creme Developer Liter
ColourPrime Pre-Color Treatment 10.1 oz.
Barrier Creme 5 oz.
ANDIAMO Paper Swatch Chart