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Clairol Kaleidocolors - Ice Blue 8 Fl. Oz.

Kaleidocolors - Ice Blue

by Clairol

  • SKU: 158001
  • Size: 8 Fl. Oz.
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Clairol Professional Kaleidocolors tonal powder lightener comes with a refreshing light fragrance in 4 tonal shades (Blue, Neutral, Gold, and Violet) for off-the-scalp lightening and toning in just 10 minutes. Enriched with Aloe Vera for added conditioning and moisturizing benefits. Imagine lightening and toning in just 10 minutes to create gorgeous, toned highlights.
Mixing: Mix 4 level scoops of Kaleidocolors with 2 oz. 10 or 20-volume developer.
Apply where highlights are wanted. Leave on up to 10 minutes.
For relaxed, permed, or porous hair, use 10 Volume Pure White Developer.
Use any off-the-scalp application.

Timing: Pre-heat dryer.
Cover head with plastic cap.
Process up to 10 minutes.
Rinse, shampoo, condition, and style.

Caution: When opening canister, hold away from face and avoid inhaling contents. For professional use only. Read all directions before opening and use.