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Eufora - Building Your Exceptional Salon

Knowledge is Beautiful. Building Your Exceptional Salon delivers a proven system to achieve record setting and award-winning success levels within the salon. 

Deliver an exceptional service, every guest, every time.

Earn elevated levels of trust from your salon guests and financial success beyond what you ever believed was possible.

Angie Lund
Eufora Business Trainer
Angie launched herself in the beauty and wellness industry in 2009 with her own coaching and wellness company. Her leadership skills have won her numerous accolades in coaching, an ESON Facilitator of the Year award, and lead her team to win a Top 200 Salon mention in both 2017 and 2018.

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Tools Needed: Pen and Paper.

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Mon 04/19/21
11:00 AM ET
12:30 PM ET
Eufora - Building Your Exceptional Salon

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