• Davines - Curly Cutting

    Through a guided hands-on workshop stylists will gain a deeper understanding of how technique and curl pattern affect shape. Stylists will take away a variety of precision and freehand curly cutting techniques. A focus will be placed on removing the fear of cutting curls and stylists will gain understanding and confidence while creating beautiful modern looks on curly hair.

  • Davines - Intensive Cutting with Julian Perlingiero

    Through guided hands-on workshops experience “The Foundation of Creativity.”
    You will gain a deeper understanding of the theory of the foundation and how to
    use it in its most modern comprehensible manner with a focus on the art of
    suitability, how to choose the look, classic cutting foundation, disconnection and undercutting.

  • Davines - Men’s Cutting

    Through a guided hands-on workshop stylists will gain a deeper understanding of clipper, trimmer and scissor techniques used to create modern men’s styles that promote client retention. This class will help you master the tools of the trade, learning suitability of length, head shape, and the current trends of men’s haircutting and styling.

  • DevaCurl: Curl Cutting

    This one day course will guide you through the fundamentals of the DevaCut, giving you the confidence to immediately start curl conversations with new and existing clients. 

    What you will learn:

    • Hair and head analysis
    • Foundational cutting principles and theory
    • Customization of the DevaCurl Transformation and DevaCut technique
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    Lunch and mannequin included. 

  • Eufora - ARCHITECTURE Advanced Haircutting

    In this innovative demo and hands-on class, Eufora International Style Director, Mirza Batanovic, combines artistic inspiration with advanced cutting techniques that will expand and enhance your cutting game. You’ll learn 2 – 3 new haircuts as well as a variety of techniques for everyday use behind the chair.

    You’ll leave with confidence in:
    - Designing the right cut for every client by mapping out a haircut for desired results
    - Managing weight lines for the perfect head shape
    - Using creative cutting tools to achieve thoughtful texture with a purpose
    - Maintaining the correct shape
    - Hand and body positioning

  • Eufora - CONTOUR Short Haircutting

    To master modern short haircutting, artists need a complete understanding of advanced, precision haircutting, the skills to use specific cutting tools correctly and the ability to think differently. Leave with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to master short hair.

    Precision scissor cutting  
    Skills to design custom texture with a razor & texture shears  
    How to balance or accentuate the natural head shape  
    Adapting elevation, over direction & sectioning to suit head and face shape
    Understanding when and why to use connection and blending vs. disconnection
    Versatile styling & finishing techniques crafted for short hair > Business building practices

  • Eufora - DRAFTING Men’s Fading

    In this technique driven class, you’ll learn the fundamentals of fading and will master core barbering techniques to draft and build a customized haircut for any male guest! This class will take an in-depth dive into tool differences and styling tips & tricks…it’s more than just a fade!

    Advanced clipper cutting
    Scissor over comb
    Clipper over comb
    Styling & finishing techniques
    Tool maintenance & care

  • Eufora - MUSE Creative Haircutting

    As Artists, devoting time for inspiration is essential. Go on a journey to ignite your passion for conceptual and artistic design. Be empowered to think different as you explore your art.

    Use inspiration and imagination to create original cuts 
    Free hand cutting designed to train your eye 
    Master innovative techniques using creative cutting tools 
    Systematic use of angle and design 
    Disconnection and when, why & how it’s used 
    Creating harmony and balance

  • Eufora - PATTERN Textured Haircutting

    Cutting textured hair demands a unique and inspired approach. Master the skills, techniques and tools needed to design your client’s cut while utilizing their unique texture pattern.

    In-depth visual theory behind textured haircutting
    How to treat the fabric of curly vs. wavy or kinky hair
    Cutting systems and techniques that provoke volume, movement and texture
    Understanding the importance of shape and how to create it
    Styling practices specific to textured hair
    Eufora product cocktails that restore form and vibrancy

  • Eufora - POLISH Advanced Finishing

    Master advanced blow drying and finishing techniques to decrease your service time behind the chair. You’ll explore an ergonomically conscious system that delivers quality, polished results every single time.

    Learn an ergonomically conscious system for finishing hair 
    Power dry importance and using it to achieve any result 
    Intro to techniques that allow you to control the hair and how to avoid the hair controlling you
    Understanding of where the roots live and how to control where the ends fall
    Skills to finish hair with a variety of brushes to eliminate relying on hot tools

  • Eufora - Razor Cutting

    Eufora - Razor Cutting

  • Eufora - REALISM Men's Cutting & Grooming

    Discover what today’s man is looking for in their professional grooming services... it’s more than just a haircut! You’ll learn a trend haircut utilizing core barbering skills
    as well as the Eufora proven system to attract and retain a male clientele. Leave with the skills and confidence to design customized looks for the men in your chair, and the business building strategies that will keep them coming back!

    • Proper use of the razor for cutting, texturizing and shaping
    • Wet vs. dry cutting and detail finishing
    • Classic barbering techniques and clipper cutting
    • Precision shear cutting
    • Styling & finishing techniques
    • Trend forecasting
    • Customized system for consistent, sought after services
    • Industry-Innovative marketing approaches and business building practices

    Click Here for class flyer for March 8
    Click Here for class flyer for March 9

  • Eufora - SCULPT Long Hairdressing

    Increase your confidence, speed and accuracy when it comes to designing and executing upswept hair. From organic, lived in looks to structured, classic styles, you’ll master techniques that give you the creative freedom to design styles your guests will be proud to rock.

    Confidence to style hair up with ease 
    A systematic approach to working smarter, not harder 
    Braiding techniques to decrease service time and overuse of hot tools
    How to examine your guests’ inspiration images so you can recreate a specific style
    The importance of a proper consultation and insight into product choices

  • Keune - Dry Cutting

    Keune Dry Cutting

  • Keune - Men's Cutting

    From the dream of a man in Amsterdam to the hands of men all around the world. 1922 By J.M. Keune was born from ambition, grown by his sons, elevated by science, and made great by Dutch Craftsmen. From our World Class Wax to our Moisturizing Beard Balm, your male clientele is going to fall in love with what makes 1922 different. Learn some of the most sought-after Men’s styles as you freshen up your barbering skills and verbiage. Includes lunch and manikin.