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Hair Care

  • K18 - Repair & Restore

    Do not miss learning about this amazing new product K18:

    Meet the team behind K18
    Breaking down what K18 is scientifically
    How to use, when to use, why to use and the key differences that make K18 unique to all other products
    Why the simplicity of K18 speaks specifically to salons during the current COVID-19 climate
    Why K18 is for everyone. Every hair type, every salon, everybody
    Introducing Biomimetic Hair Science- How K18 is creating a new category in hair

  • Roots - Treat Hair Loss & Hair Issues Inside Your Salon

    Learn about the current pharmaceutical, supplemental, & natural therapies and see what actually works and what to avoid. Don't miss out learning from Brian Hendrick's expertise in the field of hair growth, as well as learning about the most powerful and comprehensive hair growth line designed exclusively for stylists.