• Eufora - POLISH Advanced Finishing

    Master advanced blow drying and finishing techniques to decrease your service time behind the chair. You’ll explore an ergonomically conscious system that delivers quality, polished results every single time.

    Learn an ergonomically conscious system for finishing hair 
    Power dry importance and using it to achieve any result 
    Intro to techniques that allow you to control the hair and how to avoid the hair controlling you
    Understanding of where the roots live and how to control where the ends fall
    Skills to finish hair with a variety of brushes to eliminate relying on hot tools

  • Eufora - SCULPT Long Hairdressing

    Increase your confidence, speed and accuracy when it comes to designing and executing upswept hair. From organic, lived in looks to structured, classic styles, you’ll master techniques that give you the creative freedom to design styles your guests will be proud to rock.

    Confidence to style hair up with ease  
    A systematic approach to working smarter, not harder  
    Braiding techniques to decrease service time and overuse of hot tools
    How to examine your guests’ inspiration images so you can recreate a specific style
    The importance of a proper consultation and insight into product choices

  • Keune - Long Hair Finishing

    There is nothing more perfect than that perfect dress paired with the perfect hair on the perfect day. However, for many stylists, the thought of creating special-occasion hair can be nerve-racking. If you are looking to perfect long hair up-styles and braids, this is the program for you! Master the process of creating simple to exotic special occasion hair designs. Employ tools, setting techniques and braids to achieve dream hair. You'll gain skill and confidence, learn how to charge properly, and rock your next formal affair or photo shoot.