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5 Ways That Hair Ties Damage Your Strands


By Erin Gignac

You know that halo of fuzz that appears around your head whenever you wear a ponytail? Sure, you can slick it down with some hair putty, shine serum or hairspray, but maybe you can stop the problem before it starts. The frizz is most likely caused by breakage from wearing hair ties.

Let us start off by saying that we have nothing against hair ties. These versatile little bands are a must-have, turning a sweaty beehive of hair into an elegant bun. However, they can cramp your style if you don’t use them mindfully.

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Don’t Wear a Wet Ponytail
Your hair is weaker when it’s wet—the hydrogen bonds are at their most fragile point. Tying the hair up when it’s wet is going to break those precious strands. Next time, let the hair air-dry or try braiding your wet hair if you need to keep it away from your face.

Say No To Metal
Your hair can get stuck in the metal fasteners that are standard with some hair ties. Banish the metal and opt for a tie with glued seams. Better yet, find a ribbon elastic that will double as a way to secure your hairstyle and look fashionable at the same time.

Apply Serum Beforehand
To help your hair slip against the ponytail with ease, apply shine serum to the area that rubs against the hair tie.

Location, Location, Location
Some women wear their hair in the same location when they fasten a topknot or ponytail. This can cause breakage even if you’re very cautious. Switch up the location often and you’ll save your strands big time.

Sleep with Hair Down
You don’t need to hit the pillowcase with your hair up in a ponytail—that’s just unnecessary damage! When you sleep, the style tugs at your hairline and causes the strands to break off.

Erin Gignac covers stories for Paramount Beauty. Follow her on Twitter and view more of her work here.

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