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7 Struggles Girls with Thick Hair Go Through


By Erin Gignac

How many times have you complained about your hair type? It seems like girls with curls want straight hair and girls with fine hair want thick. When Nelly spoke of a “thicky thicky thick girl” we don’t think he was talking about hair, but we can dream. Or can we? There are a lot of struggles that thick-haired people go through.  
  1. You can’t comb your hair to save your life, not to mention all the brushes and bristles you’ve broken in the process of combing.
  2. Your hair and the shower drain? It’s complicated.
  3. You run out of conditioner long before you run out of shampoo.
  4. Wind is your worst enemy.
  5. It takes an entire day to dry your hair.
  6. Want to curl your hair? Hope you have one to two hours set aside!
  7. Color services cost more because they use two tubes of color to get every…last…strand.

If you can relate, you can probably also use the Keratage White Line. This whole line is designed to revolutionize blow dry treatments and end the battle you have every morning (noon and night) with your hair. Just apply before you blow dry and you’re good to go.

Six different blow dry treatments are possible: Straight and Smooth, Luminous Shine, Split Ends Repair, Body and Fullness, Color Enhancing and Curl Control.

Snarls are no match for the Instant Softness and Detangling Spray. This spray, with patented KERNOX-D™ technology, instantly detangles and hydrates to give you the softest hair possible. It also adds a lovely perfumed smell to the hair—perfect for those days between shampoos when you’d rather not spend two hours doing your hair, thank you very much.

Fear not: split ends are your friends! Before you blow dry, apply a very small amount of the Split Ends Repair Serum to your ends to reduce frizz and add shine. Did you know that split ends have the potential to go all the way to your hair shaft? For this reason, you’ll want to apply a small amount to the mid-lengths. This product is enriched with KERNOX-D™, a protein that coats the hair fiber and protects it from further damage.

This one’s for the blondes—and those with bleached, highlighted or silver hair. Illuminating Treatment Mist eliminates the yellow brassiness and adds a cooler tint. KERNOX-T™ coats and protects the hair from environmental stressors.

A lot of heat styling can mean a lot of damage. Keratin Thermal Protection Spray preps your hair and also prevents damage and breakage. Formulated with KERNOX-T™, a patented Keratage technology, this product is a surefire way to ensure that you can curl your hair all day long and protect you strands from heat and sun. 

Finish your style with Volumizing Styling & Finishing Spray containing KERNOX-D™. This product isn’t sticky or heavy, which allows you to hold the look while still maintaining bounce and volume.  

The White Line also contains a Silver & Blonde Treatment Mask and two cocktail treatments: Smoothing Treatment Cocktail and Illuminating Cocktail. Consider these products an extra “oomph!” to get your hair—or your client’s hair—back in shape. All the products coincide with the Keratage Nutritious, Shine Booster and Fortifying collections to make your life a little easier and a lot less of a struggle. 

Erin Gignac covers stories for Paramount Beauty.You can follow her on Twitter and find more of her work here.


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