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Long Island Beauty Ball for Cancer Care


Monday, September 26th, 6 pm to 10 pm
Crest Hollow Country Club

A diagnosis of cancer turns your whole world upside down. The strain of the cancer treatments and the appearance-related side effects can be devastating. Perhaps the hardest part is getting used to looking in the mirror.

There is Hope and Help
Since 2003, Mondays at Racine, a non-pro t organization located in a salon in Islip, NY has been offering complimentary beauty and wellness services to anyone undergoing cancer treatment. To date, more than 6,000 people have received these services at no cost, allowing them to put all of their focus and energy into one thing...

Beating Cancer
As physicians, oncologists and healthcare professionals heard about the transformative life-changing effects of these treatments, they referred their patients to Mondays at Racine. As a result, the waiting list for an appointment grew from weeks to months.

Re-defining the Beauty Industry
Sisters Cynthia, Rachel, Karla and Rosemary personally saw the devastating effects of cancer after their mother, Mildred, was diagnosed and founded the Mondays at Racine program in her honor. It is their vision to train and support a network of salons who will offer these much-needed services in every community. They called upon their peers in the beauty industry, their healthcare referral network and the public to support this endeavor and the Long Island Beauty Ball for Cancer Care was founded in 2015.  This inspiring inaugural event enabled Mondays at Racine to open six charter salons across Long Island. With the funds raised at the 2016 Long Island Beauty Ball, the goal is to double that amount. With your support, thousands of Long Islanders will be positively impacted by these services.

Join the Mondays Movement. Support the 2016 Long Island Beauty Ball and see the impact of your sponsorship in the community.

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