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How to Prevent Damage During the Color Service


By Erin Noha

Let’s say you have a client who colors their hair regularly and has a lot of “hair history.” How do you keep their hair as healthy as possible during the color service?

Eufora’s Color Elixir is a professional additive that mixes directly with color to nourish hair before the damage is done, not afterwards—which is how traditional re-bonding products and sealers work.

The additive is simple: it doesn’t require you to adjust your formula when mixing, it doesn’t mess with the time the color stays on the head and it’s also safe for all hair types. Color Elixir is available January 1 at Paramount Beauty.

Eufora developed this additive to give hairdressers everything they need to do their job and minimize damage to clients’ hair during the color service.

With Naoplex Technology the professional additive nourishes the hair (with a blend of antioxidants and vegetable additives) to prevent damage that happens during initial oxidation, when free radicals are introduced to the vulnerable strands.

How to Use Color Elixir

Color Elixir is a simple process that involves two products. The Professional Additive mixes in with the color while the Professional Sealer is used after shampooing at the end of the color process.

Step 1: Professional Additive

When using Color Elixir with color: Mix 1 pump per 30g of mixed color.

When using Color Elixir with bleach up to 20 vol.: Mix 1 pump per 30g of bleach.
When using with 30 vol. and 40 vol. bleach: Mix 2 pumps per 30g of bleach.

Step 2: Professional Sealer

After color, rinse hair until water runs clear. Shampoo the hair and rinse out. Apply 3-5 pumps of sealer and comb it through, leaving on for 5-10 minutes. For thick hair, you can condition after if needed. The sealer is designed to protect against damage and restore the pH balance.

Maintain the healthiest hair you can during the color service with Eufora’s Color Elixir. Purchase Color Elixir and view the entire Eufora line by logging in or registering at Paramount Beauty.

Erin Noha covers stories for Paramount Beauty.

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