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New b3 Color Series Video with Mustafa Avci


“What you imagine, you create,” are the first words you’ll see on Mustafa Avci’s Instagram. He explains how he didn’t start out doing the retro waves he's now famous for.

Watch the video with b3 here:

 “I wasn’t doing vintage styling, but I imagined doing it,” he said. “I struggled, also. There were times I couldn’t do it, but that motivated me much more, so I redid it, and redid it and redid it. In the end, I created it. So what I imagined, I created.”

Working heavily with extensions, he uses b3 Brazilian Bond Builder when he colors and processes the pieces. It makes the hair look polished and smooth—one of his main goals.

He loves to collaborate and share techniques, too. His passion for teaching is as great as his passion for learning.

“Sharing knowledge and ideas with friends motivates me to do better. Anything is possible with love for hard work.”

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