Nov/Dec Promotions

Eufora Videos

Styling Tips and Haircut Tutorials with Eufora Creative Director Philip Carreon


Crown Lift Tip with Elevate Hairspray

Sexy Center Part Bang with Eufora Pure Polish and Elevate Hairspray

Side Swept Bangs with Eufora Elevate Hairspray

Smooth Blowout Tip

Smooth, Piecey Texture

Beauty in Motion Haircut Tutorial: Luxe Grunge Curly Shag

Beauty in Motion Haircut Tutorial: Luxe Grunge Straight Shag

Marsala Melange Hair Color Tutorial with Aaron Michael Kosiba, Eufora Color Technical Director

 All About the Eufora Beauty In Motion Campaign

Dry Natural Texture Set with ElixirONE and Behave

Texture Tip with Powder Lift and Tame Hairspray

Natural Defining Blow Out with Curl’n Forming Cream

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