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Salon Feature: Simplee U


If you find yourself close to Doylestown, PA we suggest you stop in to Simplee U. They recently moved into a beautiful renovated new salon on 20 Donaldson St, Suite B.

Owner Allison Booth, who has been a stylist for almost 20 years, describes her intimate beauty salon experience as a place where you can feel safe, confident, and welcomed – a place where she and her U Crew can bring light into their clients' lives with the power of personal transformation. Allison believes visiting her salon will bring out the best YOU.

When you visit Simplee U, you can expect to be met immediately with a smile and offered a beverage with their own customized coffee sleeve! They also always have some sort of baked goods and Asher’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

It's all about making you feel comfortable and like you belong.

The ambiance is clean and calming with a fun, creative energy that fills the space. Everyone is always so happy and the air is always light. The best thing about this salon is the sense of community. All the stylists, the U Crew, get along so well and you can see an honest friendship with this group.

6 Years ago, Allison decided to open her own salon. She said "I needed more leadership, motivation, direction and accountability. I knew if I needed that for myself, I knew other stylists needed it for themselves. I wanted to create a space where everyone felt welcomed, seen and heard."

Here is a little more we learned about Allison and her career…

AB: I am a Sagittarius through and through. I'm optimistic, spontaneous, honest, independent, I love hard, and I am a go-getter. I am married to an amazing human. I had 2 wonderful kids at a young age so they have always been my reason. I love animals and gardening. We like to go camping, cooking, reading and surround ourselves with positive uplifting experiences. We are a close to home type of family and enjoy the simple things in life.

PB: What made you pursue the beauty industry and what is your favorite part?

AB: My grandmother, my neighbor, a friend of my mother's inspired me from watching them. I didn't have the best home environment growing up and I was in 9th grade and needed a place to disappear to and also let me be creative. I took a tour of the local tech school and was hooked. I loved just making people feel better about themselves and I intensely loved the craft. My salon family always became my family no matter where I was which was exactly what I needed.

PB: What are your go-to products?

AB: Anything and everything Keune. I've been using the brand for 11+ years. They are user friendly for the consumer and the stylist. They support stylists by only being available in salons.

Amazing quality. Family owned and operated. Their products are never too heavy or light and always just what I am looking for. The color line is hands down the best I have ever used. They give me the creative freedom our salon culture craves.

Shop Simplee U's Faves!

PB: What have been your "keys to success?"

AB: Don't sweat the small stuff. Take a deep breath and let's adjust our sails. Do something that sets you apart from the others. Always smile and go the extra mile, listen more than responding, and always practice gratitude. In this industry we take so much time to care for others, don't forget to care for yourself.

Want More? Check out Simplee U on Instagram @simplee.u or stop by for a visit!

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