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13 Things We Learned From the b3 Class at Runway 2017


If there’s one thing we learned from Runway 2017, it’s that Rickey Zito and Linh Phan draw quite the crowd when they get together. We attended their class that was hosted by Brazilian Professionals Global Director of Education, Alfredo Lewis, and would like to share some fun tips and tricks.

1. Apply vivids to wet hair if you want more transparency—that’s how Linh applied the color on his model in this class.

2. Applying vivid hair color on dry hair gives a vibrant, opaque effect, Rickey said.

3. To get more vivids in your chair, you’ve got to get to give. Ask your client if you can do a vivid hair color service on them, free of charge, Rickey said. Stay at work later and grind it out.

4. Linh uses Schwarzkopf color because he likes the full palette, he said.

5. Rickey uses Keune hair color for reds and browns. He uses Pulp Riot for vivids.

6. Linh likes to mix and match hair colors, he said. It’s rare that he uses a color by itself.

7. Linh’s favorite hair colors are silver, blush, mauve and lavender.

8. For Asian hair, it’s normal to lighten two times, Linh said. This means you’re bleaching, shampooing and blow-drying TWICE before applying any kind of vivid color.

9. Don’t use heat with lightener, EVER.

10. Linh is inspired by @anhcotran, @hairgod_zito and @guy_tang.

11. They use phones to take photos for their social media accounts, stressing lighting as the way to get the perfect photo, whether the lighting is achieved by a studio or natural light.

12. Tag brands and publications in the actual Instagram photo, not just in the comments, so they notice your work and repost.

13. Fun Fact: Rickey Zito has a higher social media following than the population in his town.

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